The Cat® Small Wheel Loader Simulator System provides operator training for multiple applications. The simulator features the same joystick controls found in the actual machine. The virtual worksite is set in a construction environment where users can learn training that translates to the real world. Learn how to conduct a pre-operation machine walkaround, learn correct control movements, plus train on multiple applications. Learn driving, loading and carrying, stockpiling, truck spotting and loading, backfilling, using the multipurpose bucket to backfill and carry objects, use the quick coupler to change out work tool attachments, and use the forks attachment to unload pallets. Plus get a special open training mode on the simulator to practice any application. Find out more by contacting an Account Manager at 1.309.266.2640 or e-mail sales@catsimulators.com.

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Interested in seeing the Cat® Simulators operation? Have you thought about adding Cat Simulators to your training program? You can visit Peoria, Ill., U.S.A., home of our headquarters, and demo all of the simulators. Cat Simulators can save you money, training time, and other valuable resources.

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